Silent Command 64 – Thanksgiving Break 2019

Dead Famous People – How To Be Kind
Birdie – Such A Sound
Hearts on Fire – Everything To Me
Charcoal Chase – Flourished
Martyn Bates – You So Secret
Ruth & Sherry – You’re Gonna Be My Guy
The Optic Nerve – Mayfair
Noonday Underground – The Light Brigade
The Meters – Yeah, You’re Right
Gilberto Gil – Coragem Pra Suportar
17 Pygmies – Voices
Laura Watling – Sunday Came and Went
Grass Widow – Celebrate the Mundane

u.s., 80s-90s

I’m slowly adding archives from my old zines.  Today I uploaded the following:

The Spinanes interview, 1992 (CIF #1)
Scott Miller (Game Theory, Loud Family) and Shalini Chatterjee (Vinyl Devotion) interview (CIF #2)
Jayne Casey interview, 1993 (commissioned for CIF #2, still not sure why I didn’t include it)
Wandering Lucy interview, September 1996 (CIF #6)
Verna Brock (Beanpole) interview, 1998 (CIF #7)
Sheggi Clarkson (Fat Tulips) interview, 1998 (CIF #7)
Mitch Easter interview, 1997 (CIF #7)

More to come – still planning on uploading entire PDFs of back issues.

Silent Command 64 – Wintry Mix Vol. 2

Music for snow days.

Romeo Void – Myself to Myself
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
The Passions – The Square
The Field Mice – Five Moments
Stereolab – Brakhage
Vashti Bunyan – Come Wind Come Rain
Broadcast – America’s Boy
Aztec Camera – The Boy Wonders
The Chills – Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn
Camera Obscura – Tears for Affairs
Quarteto en Cy – Se Voce Pensar
Grass Widow – Milo Minute
Brian Eno – Another Green World
Jessica Pratt – As The World Turns
Nick Drake – Bryter Layter

Silent Command 62 – On Tape

A collection of songs that first appeared on cassette only.  Tape hiss and sonic dropouts guaranteed.

The Mountain Goats – Sun Song (Hot Garden Stomp)
Mew – Alamo Fight Song (Remember comp.)
Tara Cross – No More Drugs (Femirama comp.) *
Versus – Cross The Street (demo)
The Silly Pillows – Long Weekend (Lazy Silences)
Bow Wow Wow – I Want My Baby On Mars (Your Cassette Pet)
Oklahoma Scramble – Town (Birdcrash comp.)
Daniel Johnston – Go (Respect)
Linda Smith – An Ideal View of The Ideal City (Love Songs for Laughs)
Neutral Milk Hotel – Tuesday Moon (Hype City Soundtrack)
The Go Team – Theme for An Unmade Bed (Birdcrash comp.)
Human Skab – Drunk and Staggerin’ Around (Thunder Hips and Saddlebags)
The English Beat – Twist and Crawl Dub (C81 comp.)

* Oops, the Tara Cross song appeared on a compilation LP. Still, she was primarily known as a cassette artist.

Silent Command 63 – Last Train to Athens, Vol. 6

Yet more ’80s jangle-pop from various American college towns and East Coast Cities, with contributions from London and Australia.

Go Dog Go – Farewell Not Goodbye
The Wooden Soldiers – The Highway Talking
The Bandables – Cynicism
Cowboy & Spingirl – Say Goodbye
The Bongos – The Bulrushes
Po! – Engineering
Dangerous Birds – Alpha Romeo
The dB’s – The Fight
Color Me Gone – Almost Heaven
The Church – Too Fast For You
Kilkenny Cats – Attractive Figure
Soft Boys – The Queen of Eyes

Silent Command 61 – Young Marble Giants and Friends 1979-2018

Cardiff’s Young Marble Giants released only one album, 1980’s Colossal Youth. However, that one album provided the roots for four decades of music. This episode features YMG; their successor bands, The Gist and Weekend; various solo projects throughout the years; and collaborations with friends such as Spike Williams. Lora Logic, Jah Scouse and Debbie Pritchard.)

Part 1: 
Part 2:


1) intro – Have Your Toupee Ready (demo tape, 1979)
2) Reptile Ranch – Henry (7” single, 1979) (feat. Spike)
3) Young Marble Giants – Ode to Booker T (Is The War Over? compilation LP, 1979)
4) Young Marble Giants – Music for Evenings (Colossal Youth, 1980)
5) Young Marble Giants – Final Day (7” single, 1980)
6) Young Marble Giants – Zebra Trucks (Testcard EP, 1981)
7) The Gist – This Is Love (7” single, 1980)
8) Weekend – Summerdays (The ’81 Demos, 1995)
9) Weekend – Leaves of Spring (7”, 1982)
10) The Gist – Love at First Sight (7”, 1982)
11) The Gist – Clean Bridges (Embrace The Herd, 1982)
12) Weekend – Nostalgia (La Variete, 1982)
13) Jah Scouse – Merge! (7” single, 1984) (feat. Stuart, Philip and Andrew Moxham)
14) The Gist – Assured Energy (Holding Pattern, 2017; recorded mid-1980s)
15) Spike & Debbie – Always Sunshine (Always Sunshine, Always Rain, 2018) (orig recorded early-mid 1980s as the band Table Table, featuring members of The Gist and Weekend)
16) Devine & Statton – Turn The Aerials Away from England (The Prince of Wales, 1989)
17) Stuart Moxham & The Original Artists – It Says Here (Signal Path, 1992)
18) Lora Logic and Stuart Moxham – Love Eternal (Holding Pattern bonus tracks; recorded circa 1980s)
19) Alison Statton & Spike – A Greater Notion (Weekend in Wales, 1993)
20) Stuart Moxham – Man of The World (The Huddle House, 2007)
21) Alison Statton & Spike – Scuttling Through (Bimini Twist, 2018)
22) epilogue: Hayman 40/40 (demo tape, 1979)