Silent Command 73 – Concerts That Ended In Riots

Here’s one I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Over the years I’ve collected recordings of concerts that ended in violence, riots, or with the band being booed off the stage. You just don’t see that level of art rebellion/destruction in today’s desensitized world, for better (most likely) or worse. Anyway, here are four of the most famous examples. Don’t play this around your kids unless you want them to learn the f-bomb early.

1) July 22, 1979: Black Flag at Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach CA. The story varies as to what Greg Ginn told the parks commissioner to get this booking. Either he said Black Flag was a Fleetwood Mac cover band, a jazz band, or something else mellow and park-appropriate. In any event, after a set by The Tourists (an early Redd Kross incarnation), the Keith Morris version of Black Flag arrived and caused havoc. Here Black Flag plays “Police Story,” gets interrupted, and goes on with “Wasted.”

2) October 31, 1975: Devo, WHK Auditorium, Cleveland, OH. Devo opened for Sun Ra at a WMMS radio concert on Halloween 1975. Their set, including the purported debut of “Jocko Homo,” annoyed the audience so much that at least one attendee rushed the mic to denounce the band. Devo, of course, replied with “IS HE NOT A MAN? HE IS DEVO!” At the end, you can hear bottles hitting guitar strings and a near-fight with one of the stagehands. (Appears in full on Live: The Mongoloid Years.)

3) May 16, 1981: Public Image Ltd., The Ritz, New York, NY. Filling in for Bow Wow Wow, PiL envisioned a multimedia experiment rather than a proper “concert.” Unfortunately, no one told the audience, who waited for hours for the band to come on.

4) June 16, 1978: Suicide, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium. The original punk rock audience attackers, on tour with Elvis Costello. These are the last four or five minutes of the 23 Minutes Over Brussels EP. Features one of my favorite-ever pieces of stage banter: “SHUT THE FUCK UP! THIS IS ABOUT FRANKIEEEEE!”


Silent Command 72 – Winter is Blue

Psych-folk and related music.

Sandalwood – Fairground
Trees – Nothing Special
My Lady of Clouds – Now is The Cool of The Day
Back Alley Choir – Meet on The Ledge
Pentangle – Sally Go Round The Roses
Trader Horne – Here Comes The Rain
Bert Jansch & John Renbourn – East Wind
Karl Smith – Must Say More
Judee Sill – Jesus Was a Crossmaker
The Humblebums – Shoeshine Boy
Jessica Pratt – Hollywood
Tim Buckley – Coming Home to You
Richard & Linda Thompson – I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (live 1973)
Sandalwood – She Was My Friend The Sun


Silent Command 71 – Another Sleepless Night

World of Pooh – Druscilla Penny
Ultra Vulva – Twist in Bed
The Residents – Constantinople
Broadcast – Before We Begin
Alan Hawkshaw – Picadilly Night Ride
Slumber Party – No Sleep Tonite
Cold Beat – Fatal Bond
Ike Yard – Night After Night
Outer Spaces – TV Screen
Beat Happening – I Let Him Get To Me
Honeybunch – Unruly (demo)
Marshall Crenshaw – Rockin’ Around in NYC (demo)
Matt Johnson – What Stanley Saw
Virgin Prunes – Third Secret


Silent Command 70 – The Family Twee, Disc 2

1) Overtone – Pieces of Me
2) Kincaid – Radio Controlled Airplane
3) The Silent Boys – Starry Night
4) Honeyrider – Endless Summer
5) Dynamic Ribbon Device – I Could Let You Go
6) Pomme Cannelle – Paper Kisses
7) Metronome – Dyslexia
8) Bythesea – Brett Twysden Filler
9) Laura Watling – What We Had Hoped
10) Endless Creek – Sunny, It’s Up To You
11) Retriever – Honolulu
12) Lunchbox – TV Tray
13) Novella – Fairchild
14) Gang Wizard – Back & Forth
15) Chuzzlewit – Patina
16) El Nuevo Nuevo – Sabroso
17) The Wingnuts – What’s Left?
18) Esme Squalor – Turn The Heater On
19) The Archibald Cox – Choice for Kevin
20) The Splay Masses – Jessica
21) Jim Curran and Jeff Baker – April 30, 1993
22) The Pulse Project – Interminable
23) Spankingmachine – Smash My Dream
24) Sojourner – Booster Rocket Fanfare Plus
25) Starport – Today
26) The Flaming Nostrils – Exfoliating

Silent Command 69 – The Family Twee, Disc 1

Part 1 of the elusive two-disc set released by members of the original Indiepop List, 1998.

-Casual Corner – The First House Built in Kentucky
-Magistery v. the Gentle People – The Painter and His Model
-Violet – I Don’t Mind
-Boy Mouse, Girl Mouse – Make Like We’re Not Sad
-The Autumn Teen Sound – Permission Slip
-2 Live Kazoo – Twee Are The World
-The Imaginary Friend – Don’t Shout At Me
-The David Geffen Sex Party – Judas Priest Picture Disc
-Class – Feeling Remixed 1.0
-Gram – Homogenous
-Zapato – Take Me With You to Japan
-Skipper – Someone to Baywatch Over Me
-Bright Sunny Smiles – No Place or Time
-Hello I’m A Truck – Million Dollar Secret Smile
-Kisswhistle – Rig Sessions
-Brutha Ham & The Stolen Soul Revue – Chapter V: How Biggie Smalls Came Back from The Dead and The Lessons He Learned About Resurrection and How Dr. Pangloss Spends His Evenings
-Honeychurch – Sleep Tonight (remix)
-Brian Middleton – Faded Pictures
-The Duke of Harringay – Pink Flag
-Ashland – Halfacre
-Wussom*Pow! – Something More
-The Ryan Stotz Experience – All Of This and More
-The Element of Surprise – Jukebox of My Mind
-Suretoss – Opportunities

Silent Command 68 – Bands I Saw in 2019

Camera Obscura – French Navy
Mitski – I Will
The Beths – Uptown Girl
Mudhoney – Kill Yourself Live
Parsnip – For A Ride
The Monkees – Circle Sky
Anna Burch – Yeah You Know
Belle & Sebastian – The Wrong Girl (BBC vers)
Buzzcocks – Sixteen Again
Honeyblood – Justine, Misery Queen
Alvvays – Hey
Bruiser Queen – Have Fun
J McFarlane’s Reality Guest – My Enemy
Neil Hamburger – Jug Town

Silent Command 67 – Hindsight and 2020

Altered Images – Happy New Year
Toyah – Sphinx
Toyah – For You
Sandalwood – Once There Was A Time
Eyeless In Gaza – Transience Blues
M – Working for The Corporation
Outer Spaces – TV Screen
Tsunami – Flameproof Suit (live at WRSU-FM, March 1991)
Beat Happening – Knock on Any Door
My Dad Is Dead – Seven Years
Barbara Manning – Mark E. Smith and Brix
J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – What Has He Bought
Fairport Convention – Jack O’Diamonds

Silent Command 66 – 1960s Girl Bands

The Feminine Complex – Love Love Love
Continental Co-Ets – Let’s Live In The Present
Denise & Co. – Boy, What’ll You Do Then
The Untouchable – Tollbooth
Kim & Grim – You Don’t Love Me
The Liverbirds – Leave All Your Old Loves
Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening
Children of Sunshine – It’s A Long Way to Heaven
The Feminine Complex – To Be In Love
Luv’d Ones – Up Down Sue
The What Four – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
Goldie & The Gingerbreads – Walking in Different Circles
Continental Co-Ets – I Don’t Love You No More
Wendy & Bonnie – December Sun
The Shades – Tell Me Not To Hurt
The Chymes – He’s Not There Anymore